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The 3000 watt converter converts DC electricity from a 12V battery to 120VAC.

Whether you’re camping or traveling by bike, you need a converter to get reliable AC power on every device. With this in mind, you may be wondering which device can drive a 3000 watt converter. How much does it cost you, and whether it can drive your home in an electric emergency?

Don’t worry, all your questions will be answered in this post.

Here is a list of the best brands on your market:

  • SL Euthtion
  • Renogy
  • Voltworks
  • Krieger
  • Energizer
  • Cobra

SL Euthtion 3000 watts

 Main Functions

The SL Euthtion 3000W is a pure sine wave converter. Two AC connections (110 V) provide the same clean output current as an electrical network.

Thanks to this important feature, the appliance will be maintained and will not overheat. In addition, the front of the device has a switch connector for demanding applications (AC, water pumps).

Both the wireless remote control and the monitoring screen that shows the battery level are particularly good. In addition, the unit is constructed of high quality parts and comes with a one year warranty.

  1. Pure sine wave converter (clean AC output)
  2. High power connection
  3. Includes electrical cables and securities.
  4. Wireless monitoring screen
  5. Affordable
  1. 1 year warranty only
  2. Only two power plugs and one USB connector

Last Thought

We highly recommend this 3000W pure sine wave converter built for longevity with smart features such as wireless remote control. This provides a safe supply of DC power to each device.

Renogy 3000 watts

Main Functions

Like other Renogy products, its 3000W pure sine wave converter is innovative and built with high quality components.

As a result, its efficiency is as high as over 90%, providing clean alternating current through three outputs (110V AC).

In addition, there is a USB connection for electronic devices. This converter accepts all types of 12V batteries and has some protection to ensure the high security of your device. Includes a wired remote control for easy operation of the device. Finally, it comes with a 2-year warranty.

  1. Pure sine wave output signal
  2. 3 AC outlets
  3. Accepts all types of 12V batteries
  4. Built with high quality parts
  5. Affordable
  6. 2 year warranty
  1. USB connection only
  2. Basic wired remote control (without monitor screen)

Last Thought

When you buy a Renogy product, you get a well-designed and robust unit. This pure sine wave converter efficiently powers appliances during all trips off the network and is extremely long lasting. Besides, it has an affordable price.

Voltworks 3000 watts

 Main Functions

This 3000 watt pure sine wave converter from Voltworks is the most versatile converter in our review. It provides clean AC through four outlets (110V) and is very convenient for powering on multiple devices at once.

In addition, there are two USB connections for charging electronics and a high power connection for demanding applications (AC, water pump). Thanks for the clear LCD screen that provides a lot of useful information such as battery charge status.

In addition, it has a wired remote control. Finally, investors are covered by AIG insurance for 18 months.

  1. Pure sine wave
  2. 4 AC outlets and 2 USB plugs
  3. Convenient monitoring screen
  4. High power connection
  5. 18 months warranty
  1. interval
  2. Wide range

Last Thought

This 3000W converter from Voltworks stands out with 4 AC connections and an 18 month warranty. Thanks to the high power connection, even the most demanding devices can be effectively powered.

Krieger 3000 watts

 Main functions

 The Krieger 3000W converter may not offer as many features as other converters, but it is built with high quality materials.

It costs only £ 9.1 and is easy to transport. In short, it’s very affordable.

  1. Built with high quality parts
  2. Two AC outlets
  3. Free installation kit
  4. US customer service
  5. 3 year warranty
  1. No distance monitoring

Last thought

This custom sine wave converter is incredibly reliable and durable. Besides, it is very affordable and provides excellent customer service.

Energizer 3000 watt converter

 Main Functions

Energizer, like the 3000W converter, is a reliable brand for batteries. Built to handle inductive loads such as power tools, freezers / coolers, water pumps, etc.

In addition, it is equipped with a safety device that protects against overload, overheating, and low / high voltage.

In addition, you can control the input voltage and power output on the LCD screen.

  1. Finally build
  2. Handles inductive loads such as refrigerators and power tools.
  3. LCD monitor
  4. 2 year warranty
  5. Affordable
  1. No remote control
  2. No installation kit

Last Thought

Energizer’s amazing 3000W modified sine wave converter powers all appliances, including the most demanding (AC) appliances. With a 2-year warranty and customer service in the US, you can buy with confidence.

Cobra CPI 3000 watts

Main Functions

The Cobra converter provides up to 3000W of power (6000W voltage) accessible from four 120V AC outlets. Plus, you can easily charge your USB device with two USB-A / USB-C plugs.

Wired remote control is very convenient. This allows you to monitor the input and output of the inverter while charging the USB device via two additional USB plugs. In addition, this converter has several safety features to effectively protect your device. Finally, this is the lightest and smallest 3000W converter described in this article.

  1. 4 AC outlets
  2. Wired remote control with two USB plugs
  3. Includes 4 48 “# 2AWG power cords
  4. Lightweight (7.83 lbs)
  1. Limited warranty
  2. a little expensive

Last Thought

This converter is an excellent product. This is probably the most expensive of all the custom sine wave converters on this list, but it’s a complete package with remote control and all the important electrical cables.


 On which device can the 3000 watt converter work?

First, you need to know that there are two types of devices.

Resistive load (water heater, TV, laptop …)

Inductive load (water pump, power tool, air conditioner unit, refrigerator …)

In fact, it takes more power than rated to activate an inductive load. Some devices may require up to 50% more power to boot. Resistive loads, on the other hand, use only nominal power.

Therefore, it is advisable to make the inverter too large compared to the power of the connected device. That said, 3000 watts power many appliances at once.

  • TV set
  • Fan
  • Laptop
  • Standard size refrigerator / freezer
  • Small water pump

What is the average cost of a 3000 watt converter?

 There are two types of 3000 watt converters.

  1. Modified sine wave (MSW)
  2. Pure sine wave (PSW)

Pure sine wave converters are the most efficient and provide the same quality of current as utilities. Therefore, a pure sine wave converter is the most expensive.

The average price of a 3000 watt pure sine wave converter is $ 300 to $ 400.

The modified sine wave converter, on the other hand, uses cheaper electronic components and therefore has a lower average price. The average cost of a modified 3000 watt sine wave converter is $ 200 to $ 300.

Can I control my house with a 3000 watt converter?

Here is a list of the best brands on your market: SL Euthtion Renogy Voltworks Krieger Energizer Cobra In this article, we will review the 6 best 3000 watt inverters and answer some questions.

It is recommended to connect the converter to a 12V lithium battery with a capacity of 300Ah.