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Boss Audio Systems was set in 1987, and they’re fast becoming among those go-to brands for supreme quality sound-systems at quite a reasonable cost point. They truly have been always increasing and growing, meaning that their services and products just keep getting better and better. They’re priced for funding clients but have the audio quality of even higher-priced speakers. I urge them to everyone since they truly are well made, provide excellent audio quality, plus so they won’t break your bank. Ordinarily, whenever you purchase budget speakers, then you wind up containing on quality. Together with Best Boss ATV speakers, now you get both the quality, and affordability.

Best Boss Car Stereo Reviews 2021

BOSS Audio ATV25B ATV/UTV Speakers

Weather and water-resistant fully marinized ATV head unit tube. If you are interested in a durable weather-resistant ATV speaker with full-range high fidelity audio, we recommend one to try the BOSS Audio ATV25B ATV/UTV speakers. It is really a Bluetooth-enabled fully-marinized ATV tube speaker using a 450W power integrated Class A/B amplifier which pushes out thriving distortion-free audio. You may not require an external amplifier — the built-in amp with unique aerodynamic circuitry is powerful enough to manage frequencies of most ranges. The BOSS Audio ATV25B includes Bluetooth so you can Livestream music via apps like Pandora and Spotify on your blue tooth devices like smartphones and tablet computers. A blue tooth in-line handheld remote controller is also included for wirelessly tracking your playback. It contains buttons for play, pause, volume control, and also track change. The BOSS Audio ATV25B speaker is great for off-road adventure sports, biking, ship parties, and tailgating. It’s specially constructed to withstand harsh external conditions such as constant exposure to the sun, rain, wind, mud, and saline water. The speaker comes with a very simple plug and plays functionality. A 3.5millimeter AUX input is provided for wired connections with MP3 players, iPods, smartphones, etc.. The BOSS Audio ATV25B ATV speaker tube can be installed on roll cages and bars with the assistance of these 4 contained high-quality Nylon Velcro tapes. There’s also a remote mounting clamp, a cigarette lighter power cable, and other mounting accessories. The device can be used with any 12V power supply and carries a 12V Quick Connect power port. Dimensions of the BOSS Audio ATV25B ATV audio tube are: 29.2″ x 13.8″ X12″. It weighs 12.45 lbs.

Key features:

  • Bluetooth-enabled includes multifunctional inline Bluetooth remote control.
  • 3.5millimeter AUX input interface.
  • Integrated 450W amplifier.
  • Payable with almost any 12V power supply.
  • It has 6.5-inch poly injection cone speakers and 1.5-inch soft dome diaphragm tweeters. 


  • Brand: BOSS Audio Systems
  • Model- ATV25B ATV
  • Weight- 12.45 pounds
Best Boss ATV Speakers
Best Boss ATV Speakers


  • It has an In-line Multi-Function Remote control
  • 12V power source
  • Aux input with audio output of MP3 players and Smartphones
  • 450 watts maximum built-in Amp
  • 5″ High-Performance Soft Dome Tweeters
  • 3 years warranty


  • Few complained about the amplification of the speaker.

BOSS Audio Systems ATV30BRGB ATV Sound System

We like BOSS, which is why we have their BOSS Audio ATV30BRGB All-Terrain Sound System as a part of our preferred quad speakers. With the plenty of a number of versions currently discovered in this checklist, you may think the option is difficult, but in fact, it isn’t. Every Employer product is superb. This speaker system is well safeguarded versus all the aspects of the weather, and It comes with parts that are basic as well as easy to put together without external initiative. For connection as well as variety in play, these audio speakers use a Bluetooth port where customers can connect other mobile phones as well as play songs through amazing apps such as Pandora and also Spotify.

RGB illumination changes the state of mind to a color that suits your preference with the multi-color illumination alternative. it looks terrific specifically during the night

Bluetooth sound streaming allows you to play and also control songs as well as applications like Spotify pandora wirelessly using the Bluetooth push-button control

Complementary input 3.5 mm aux incompatible with the audio result of iPod iPhone smartphones as well as mp3 players

Weatherproof the atv30brgb has actually been equipped with the most up to date weatherproofing techniques for security versus the components

Enhanced the audio speakers, as well as tweeters, are powered by a high performance constructed in 450-watt course abdominal muscle amplifier

Easy configuration brings power to your system in just secs by connecting the cigarette lighter power cord

Components atv30brgb all-terrain speaker system Bluetooth remote RGB remote control 4 placing straps 2 nylon zip bands power accessory expansion adaptor individual hands-on guarantee card

Service warranty manager stereo supplies a powerful 6-year platinum online dealer as long as the purchase is made through. we strongly motivate professional installment of this product to ensure appropriate and secure functionality

Key Features:

  • Marine-grade all-terrain tube audio speakers for ATV.
  • Bluetooth-enabled consisted of an in-line IPX5-rated Bluetooth remote.
  • 6.5″ poly shot cone audio speakers, 1.5″ soft dome tweeters.
  • Multi-color speaker lighting consists of a remote for regulating lighting.
  • 450W max power.
  • Compatible with any kind of 12V source of power.
  • AUX-in jack was available.


  • Brand: BOSS Audio Systems
  • Model-ATV30BRGB
  • Weight-12.45 pounds


  • Small ATV’s love this system
  • Bluetooth connectivity expands compatibility
  • Inclusive mounting hardware


  • Mounting hardware lacks compatibility with other models

Boss (BRT26A) ATV UTV Sound Bar System

The amplifier is a Wonderful feature as it implies you The flexible wireless remote controller Enables You to Perform, Stands around that particular. Whether you enjoy ATV ing at summertime, cold temperatures, or all-year-round, then this unit Moobs of horn-loaded tweeters, blue tooth, along with also an amplifier. To put it differently, it packs everything to create a studio-grade music adventure to the trail.

The device utilizes innovative Weather-proofing substances in its 3.5-mm additional input. But with all the Bluetooth operation coming on board, now you can get a grip on exactly what it functions and how it works.

Pause, adjust volume, and do a lot more surgeries as possible. With this BRT26A additionally embracing the PlugNPlay design, this technique guarantees to make entertainment faster.

It links to an own audio origin apparatus through a regular Structure to reduce corrosion and different impacts that will come from coming in touch with external elements.

The Improved UV coatings over the vinyl surfaces stop This 26-inch Sound-System houses 4 Inch full-range speakers, The superior speakers is IPX5-rated. Therefore, You do not have Them from evaporating as a consequence of protracted exposure to sunlight. Consequently, To worry that next time rain has you currently riding. The built-in 1A charger offers a convenient means to keep your entire apparatus powered through the duration of your ride.

Won’t require another amplifier. Additionally, this feature causes it to be easier not to just allow you to hear if wearing a skillet mask but additionally to scare wildlife away.

Key Features:

  • 26″ Wide Sound Bar
  • IPX5 Rated Weatherproof, 
  • 4 Inch Speakers, Bluetooth, and Amplified.
  • Easy Installation for Rock Crawlers, Dune Buggies, Jeeps.


  • Brand: BOSS Audio Systems
  • Model- BRT26A
  • Weight- 11.75 pounds


  • It is IPX5-rated.
  • The remote control works perfectly.
  • It withstands all-year-round elements.


  • Mounting brackets are quite bulky.

Boss Audio MC750B ATV Bluetooth Speaker 

Position for fast and convenient voice alterations. A quantity control comes connected with the 2-channel Bluetooth Will not need to obtain an exterior amp separately. It adopts a streamlined design to fit almost anywhere without sacrificing ability and quality of output.

Designing the speakers and the amplifier means this speaker system assumes almost any challenging weather with no damage or repercussions.

The Auxin provides a Means of linking the system to any The couple comes with a 1000-watt class D amplifier in order to The weatherproofing materials and techniques embraced in Bluetooth functionality. For this reason, it’s possible to wirelessly control and stream your favorite playlist from the convenience of your mobile phone.

And just like most other options on the list, the MC750B packs Bring your favorite tunes with you in the Upcoming ATV adventure Device with a harmonious sound output carrying your favorite songs to allow you to listen through loud and much more powerful speakers.

Using this speaker system. The system works with a 12V power supply. For this reason, it is suitable for quad bikes, motorcycles, and scooters.

amplifier. This wired remote control installs easily in your most accessible

Key Features:

  • Motorcycle / ATV Speaker System
  • Bluetooth, Weatherproof
  • Two 4 Inch Speakers
  • Ideal With ATV/Motorcycle/12 Volt Vehicles


  • Brand: BOSS Audio Systems
  • Model- MC750B
  • Weight- 4.5 pounds
Boss Audio MC750B ATV
Boss Audio MC750B ATV


  • Good sound quality
  • Easy to set up
  • Streams music from popular apps
  • They look quite attractive.


  • Doesn’t hit the advertised 450 Watts
  • Weak electronics
  • Bit expensive

Boss Audio Systems Mcbk420b Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker System

You can control and play audio by hooking your Preceding version.

The best boss atv speakers are MCBK420B includes a distant controller connected with Amazing sound output. The mounting brackets are harmonious with all handlebars which are between 0.75 inches to 1.25 inches thick.

Both 3-inch speakers are somewhat weatherproof. Thus, you may The MCBK420B shares the Vast Majority of features with the just conditions. Model except it brings more speakers than you currently need, or that it costs higher than you are willing to pay, this option won’t disappoint.

This system installs at that moment of your choice in a snap to allow you to regulate music effortlessly after riding.

Accordingly, in case you enjoy everything about the preceding To come with regular exposure to snow, rain, fog, and other tough Count on such the best boss ATV speakers to maintain their day one’ operation for a long time Smartphone (or every other compatible gadget) into the system’s auxiliary input or wirelessly through Bluetooth technology.

Key Features:
• Power: 12V or ATV with the 600 Watt Max Power Amp
• 3 Inch Full Range Speakers.
• Smartphone or MP3 Player up to the Auxiliary Input.
• Weatherproof Speakers

• Brand: BOSS Audio Systems
• Model- MCBK420B
• Weight- 2.2 pounds

• Bluetooth picks up almost instantly.
• Customer service is fantastic.
• Entire kit has nice weather protection.

• Attaching a handlebar mount to the volume knob would be helpful.