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A car battery that keeps dying can be frustrating and there is really no reason why this should be the case considering that are so many affordable car batteries in the market today. When looking for best battery for car you of course must consider several things such as the size, age of the battery, and its reserve capacity. When you know what makes a good battery then it will be smoother for you to make a decision among the wide range of batteries from the best car battery brands. It is also important to find out what type of battery is best for your car and the application it is made for.

The Top Car Battery Brands

Optima Their main product line is made up of blue top batteries, red and yellow top batteries and this brand was the first to introduce maintenance-free lead-acid batteries for military and commercial use. It is one of the best car battery brands you can choose.

Bosch It is among the biggest automotive part brands across the globe so you know you can fully trust in its car batteries.

XS Power The batteries from this brand are lithium-based and it has a reputation for specializing in sport and car batteries.

Exide The history of the company is deep and it makes automotive batteries and other groups including garden and lawn lift trucks and heavy-duty among others.

AC Delco Advantage, Gold, and Silver car batteries are the main products from this brand but it also manufactures other auto parts.

Reviews Of  Top 5 Best Car Batteries

Optima Blue Top 8016-103 Battery

  • CCA – 750
  • Reserve capacity – 120 minutes
  • Weight – 43.5lbs
  • Voltage – 12

 This Optima battery blue top is a dual purpose battery that can be used for deep cycling and starting. It is versatile and considering that it is from one of the best car battery brands you know you can only expect it to deliver at its best. It is designed to work even under harsh conditions and it features a patented Spiral Cell technology that offers fast recharge time and increases running time while providing a strong and clean power source. This is an AGM battery designed to be spill-proof and it is very easy to understand too. Its sealed case design makes it maintenance free so you need not clean terminals or add water.

The pros

  • This optima blue top AGM battery is dual purpose; both for starting and deep cycle operations
  • The product is designed to be spill-proof and maintenance-free
  • It is durable and eco friendly
  • The battery offers impressive vibration resistance
  • It provides great starting power

The cons

  • The battery is heavy

ACDelco 78AGM Battery

The specs

  • CCA – 740
  • Reserve capacity – 115 minutes
  • Weight – 37.8lbs
  • Voltage – 12

 The ACDelco 78AGM battery offers high cycling capabilities and is suitable for all start and stop vehicle applications. Its Absorbed Glass Mat design is spill and leak proof because electrolyte remains permanently held in the separator instead of flowing freely within the cells. To keep the battery maintenance free and avoid water loss, oxygen recombination is used on the battery and it greatly improves the performance of the battery. This battery is reasonably priced so you enjoy long battery life at an affordable price.

The pros

  • The battery offers improved performance and increased cycle life thanks to the silver calcium stamped alloy
  • It features a robust envelope separator allowing improve acid circulation and prevents shorts
  • It has calcium lead positive grid maximizing conductivity and low resistance
  • It has a vent cap design to keep acid leakages on the bay
  • Ribbed case that is pressure tested to prevent leaks
  • The battery comes with an impressive replacement warranty

The cons

  • The battery does not fit into all car dimensions; ensure compatibility before buying

Odyssey 34r-Pc1500t Automotive Battery

  • CCA – 850
  • Reserve capacity – 125 minutes
  • Weight – 49.5 lbs
  • Voltage – 12

Odyssey is without a doubt among the best car battery brands you can settle for when looking for the best battery for your car. The 34R Odyssey battery is designed to withstand changes and packs more plates for more power. It is true to say that the battery offers twice overall power and three times life compared to conventional batteries. It delivers an impressive starting power, deep cycling capabilities, and rapid recovery so all your vehicle demands are met swift and easy. This is the most popular battery under the brand especially for vans, light trucks, and other automobiles. It has pure virgin lead plates delivering superior performance. You can never go wrong when you choose the battery as the best for your car as long as you know the best place to get the car battery replaced.

The pros

  • The battery offer flexible mounting
  • It has faster recharging capacity and impressive vibration resistance
  • The battery is compact and lightweight
  • It has higher power output
  • It is has deep cycling capability and rapid recovery and great starting power

The cons

  • This battery has fewer plates number thus stores less power

Exide FP-AGML5/49 Battery

  • CCA – 775
  • Reserve capacity – 140 minutes
  • Weight – 49.9lbs
  • Voltage – 12

This dual-purpose AGM marine battery offers massive cranking power and reliable deep cycle capacity. The brand uses innovative technology and some very unique materials to manufacture its batteries so they deliver the highest performance with amazing protections too. This is the high edge performance you can expect with your Exide Edge FP-AGM24DP battery. The battery is recommended for both deep cycling and cranking and it is maintenance-free so you need not out in additional efforts to keep it serving you diligently. It features a special pressure venting system and automatic release valve which add to the life of the battery.

The Surelife graphite technology used in the manufacturing of the battery enhances its durability so you know you can trust in it for a long time without any disappointments. The battery has a recessed suitcase handle so transportation and installation is made east and it is also spill-proof so you can mount it in any position you deem suitable.

The pros

  • The battery has an AGM construction that is non-spillable
  • It offer greater capacity so it handles heavy loads
  • It is designed resistant to vibrations and shocks
  • Its recombination technology controls moisture
  • The battery also charges very fast and has low internal resistance

The cons

  • It is not completely immune to the formation of sulfate
  • This battery is slightly heavy compared to regular lead-acid batteries
  • It is a little pricey

XS Power D6500 Battery

CCA – 1070
Reserve capacity – 150 minutes
Weight – 58lbs
Voltage – 12

The XS Power D6500 is suitable for any racing form just like many of the batteries under the brand. It used the highest energy density chemistry in AGM batteries thus offering superior performance. It is the best choice for competition car audio.  This is because it has enough power to the stereo systems and it is designed in such a way that it resists vibration. Considering that it is low maintenance it will be very easy for you to keep it in top condition for high output every time. It is built for high-performance speakers hence the many amps; it is the best battery for car audio.

The pros

  • This battery is spill-proof and vibration resistant
  • It features a durable construction and AGM technology
  • The cold-cranking amps are pretty high
  • This deep cycle battery is long-lasting
  • It has an ultra-low internal resistance
  • It offers an impressive warranty although limited

The cons

  • It is bulkier and heavier
  • You will need terminals to use as a starter

What Makes a Good Car Battery?

The top best car battery brands make batteries with very good qualities; they are definitely some of the aspects setting the brands apart from the rest. Some of these qualities are:

  • Strong warranty
  • Great reserve capacity
  • Impressive cold-cranking amps
  • Long life
  • Maintenance-free design

When looking for the best car battery, therefore, these are the things you should be looking out for. The best brand of car battery will have the above qualities and so much more; the more the better for your car and user experience.

How Long Will The Battery Serve You?

As long as you stick to the best car battery brands, you can be sure to enjoy your battery for several years. Under normal conditions, your battery should be able to serve your needs from three years to about five years.

The final verdict

The above reviews feature some of the best car battery brands you can fully trust for quality and performance. You of course need to know the exact battery needs you want so you can get a battery for the right application. If you are not very sure of how to make your selection or what battery is best for your car, you can allow a professional to help you make the choice. Comparing the different models and brands can get you the best car battery.