Best Double Din Head Unit Reviews 2020

It is not a secret that driving a car is incomplete without a good music. But still, there are a lot of people around who are not taking the advantage of this opportunity of having a better driving experience. So, for people like them and everyone who wants an ultimate driving experience, we have come up with an opportunity for you to buy the best double din head units that are available in the market.

How to choose the best double din

We thought it would be great if we introduce you to a wide variety of units because finding good double din head unit is not an easy task since there are so many available in the market making it hard to make a decision. This guide will help you in choosing the double din head unit which is best for you.

How to choose the best double din head unit

If you were searching for a double din head unit then this is the right place for you as we will tell you how to choose the best double din head unit by telling you what exactly you have to look for in it.

But before going into depth, you should know that there are single din head unit and double din head unit and both of them have different features. But since we are talking about the double din unit, then you should know that a double din unit is a little bigger than the single unit one. It is also worthless debating about which one is better.

So, if you are buying a double din head unit, then the following things you should take into consideration.

1. Power of the system-

Power is by far the most important feature when you want to buy an audio system for your car. Since the power is directly proportional to the quality of the sound coming out of the system, so investing in a unit with high power can actually be beneficial for you. Make sure before buying that you are getting a good quality built-in amp and outputs for RCA line. This will be used in powering the front speakers and the rear speakers.

 2. Theft protection features-

Always look for the theft protection feature while buying the best double din head unit. These features include detachable heads for protection against theft. The heads are usually partially detachable or fully detachable. Both are them are pretty efficient when it comes to protecting against theft.

 3. User-friendly-

This is the most important feature because a head unit is something that helps in interaction with the system so you can change songs or lower or increase the audio. So, if the head unit is user-friendly, then it can also impact the driving as it won’t become much of a distraction and the driving will become pretty smooth.

Some other features-

Apart from the features mentioned above, there are other features too that you might want to consider as they can bring a whole new change in your overall buying experience and decision making. Head unit plays a vital role when installing the sound system, so there are some additional features that can make things more interactive, user-friendly and much more convenient than it already is. The additional features can include GPS which is getting more and more common these days, apart from that there are Bluetooth and controls for the steering wheel. These are not the only features, there can be a lot more features.

For making it much easier for you, we have reviewed some of the best double din head units. So, if you are still unsure about making the decision, then you can always choose from these.

1. Pioneer avh-x2800bs

This another best pioneer car stereo review includes the pioneer avh-x2800bs. This double din head unit with 6.2” screen can give you a whole new experience while driving. It has a DVD receiver of RMS 14 watts, which is good enough. Most of the features of this are similar to the features of double din head unit we mentioned above. But one of the main difference is that the one mentioned above has a 7” display while this one has a bit smaller.

Apart from that, pioneer avh-x2800bs also has built-in Bluetooth for convenience. It also makes the audio streaming a lot easier. And just like the other one, it can also support two different phones at once. This one also supports Siri eyes for compatible devices. Moreover, tuner SiriusXM Sxv300 is the one that it works with. This supports sports and weather and traffic flash features. The best part about this one is that it gives you control over the Spotify so you can easily play your favorite songs wirelessly.  This is what pioneer control offers. It offers full control over the skip, play and pause feature. Moreover, if you have Spotify premium, then you’ll be able to place the songs with no internet and ad-free with this unit. You can have add-on feature AVIC-U260. This is a navigation system that allows you to change to the navigation mode with just a click of a button. All these features make it a really great choice. This is one of the best double din head units on our list.

Comes with new-tune mix supportDisconnects the phone automatically at times
Cost efficientDoes not include GPS
Highly durableNo UV protection
Detachable features prevent any risk of theft
Easy to install

2. Pioneer AVH-4200nex

This is one of those best pioneer car stereo reviews that nobody can say no to because of the amazing features they offer and their durability. This head unit has a built-in Bluetooth and can actually connect two mobile phones at once. The DVD player it comes with has an internal amp. The RMS of this amp is 14 watts. Also, this head unit supports Siri eyes, which only work with the compatible devices.

This double din head unit also gives you a feature of a built-in control for iPod and other Apple devices for watching videos. If talking about its working, this double din head unit uses “SiriusXM Sxv300 tuner” to work. So, we can say that this is perfect for achieving the goal of a digital life and its design actually makes it look more stylish and appealing. It provides you with amazing connectivity, powerful sound, and highly-interactive features. So, you can up your driving game with this double head unit. Moreover, this double din head unit is pretty durable, making it long lasting and cost efficient.

Overall, we can say that this is a great product for those who are looking for something that is pocket-friendly and yet stylish. But still, to make sure that it is the one for you, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this double din head unit.

AffordableNo cons
Great connectivity

3. Jensen vx7020

Best Jensen car stereo reviews include this Jensen vx7020 touchscreen double din head unit with a built-in navigation system. This double din head unit can be easily paired with any device which has Bluetooth in it because this unit has a built-in Bluetooth tech installed in it. This can make calling and playing the songs very easy and also hands-free. It has a 6.2-inch display which is full touchscreen. This provides a great viewing experience. Apart from that, the main thing which is the audio streaming is also very convenient in it. You can easily control the radio, Spotify and other music playing software with a great ease as they are readily available on the home screen. Also, you can wirelessly play the music with the help of your Android or iOS devices. Now, let’s talk about the navigation feature. The iGO primo is the navigation tool that is specifically designed to fulfill the purpose of automotive navigation. Moreover, it also shows the roadmap with vibrant colors with 11 million interest points so you can always have an update on your map features. The design of this unit is different from the ones we’ve already discussed. Also, as an overall review, we can say that it is a money saver deal and gives you great connectivity to all your devices with just a touch of a button and being touchscreen has made this even more user-friendly.

TouchscreenNo cons
Automotive navigation

4. Jensen vx7020N

This next product from Jensen is as promising as the previous one. Just like Jensen vx7020, it also has a navigation feature which provides you navigation so that you can get to your prior destination without getting lost. Moreover, you can also connect your devices with it with the help of Bluetooth as it has the feature of built-in Bluetooth which allows you to enjoy hands-free calling and music listening experience. Also, you can access the radio with this as the Sirius XM tuner makes it easier for you to access your favorite stations without any hassle.

It also has something for safety. There is a backup camera included for reassurance and for safety purposes. This is a compact sized unit and very easy to install. There are many units for whose installation you have to pay but this one has a simple installation process. Apart from that, you can easily put it behind the dashboard making it discreet. So, if you want to buy a compact sized one then this is for you.

Highly responsiveNo cons at this price

5. Kenwood ddx9703s

This double din unit from Kenwood can be called as the head unit of generation. It has everything that you need and it is very much user-friendly. Best Kenwood car stereo reviews are very easy to find because of their popularity and high efficiency. The display this one offers is approx. 6.95”. The display is touchscreen so you can easily access anything without having to look for the right buttons as everything is already available on the screen.

With RMS of 17 watts, built-in radio and a capability of connecting 2 phones at once make it a surprisingly amazing accessory for your vehicle. This one has the Siri voice-control, rapid charge for Android, Spotify and for iDataLink, there is car portal.

This head unit is pretty much compatible with iPhones and software iOS 8. Also, there is a converter that converts from digital to analog. If we look at it, then we can say that it is pretty much loaded with never-ending features. Works perfectly with Bluetooth enabled cell phones and has its own built-in radio. Overall, this is a really great device and is compatible with all cars.

Loaded with featuresVoice recognition

6. Kenwood DDX374BT

This one of those best Kenwood car stereo reviews that will convince anyone to buy the product. This double din head unit from Kenwood is a powerful system with unbelievable sound quality. So, let’s start with the power. The internal amps of this head unit have 220-watt RMS. It also has an iPod and iPad control. For audio streaming and hands-free calling, this head unit has built-in Bluetooth. If you are having an Android device, then it is very easy to connect it with this one with the help of a USB cable. Moreover, the built-in Bluetooth feature is also very fast and connects to the devices very easily. The calling feature is also very efficient and makes it very easy to call and talk while driving since it is not advised and also against the law to talk on the phone while driving, so this makes it a lot easier and safer. If your device is compatible then you can have fun with the Siri voice-control feature that comes with it. Also, you can anytime change the brightness of this double din head unit. It comes with a brightness control feature. So, if the brightness is low during the day, then you can turn it up and during the night when you don’t need much brightness, you can always lower it. It also has an auto-dim feature that many might not know of.

The overall product is pretty basic and is not loaded with a lot of features. In terms the features, this one is a bit selective, but they are still incredible.

AffordableNo cons
High durability

7. JVC KW-V130BT

For another best JVC car stereo reviews, we would like to introduce you to the JVC kw-v130bt. This is a little different from the one mentioned above both in terms of features and in terms of the cost. Firstly, let’s talk about the screen. This one has a touchscreen display of 6.2 inches, which is similar to the previous one. The touchscreen is clear resistive. Moreover, its built is also a little different. It also has the Bluetooth connectivity, so you can connect your devices with this and experience handsfree calling. Also, you can control the audio with this Bluetooth feature. So now you can skip, play, pause or jump to another song just by using your phone.

The power output it gives is max 50 watts, whereas the RMS is 22 watts which is commendable. This tells us about the sound quality of this one. With an amazing sound and heavy built, this double din head unit is actually a pretty good deal. Moreover, the display language is multilingual. So, now you can choose between seventeen different languages. Also, there is a feature of iPod connectivity. So, you can connect your iOS devices to this head unit. Since we are talking about IOS devices, this double din head unit offers “Siri eyes free”. This is also radio ready with the Sirius xm satellite. So now you can tune into your favorite radio stations while driving on a long journey. The best part about this one is its cost. It is surprisingly very affordable, making it a great accessory for your car.

Highly affordableNo cons at this price
Hands-free experience
Mp3 tag display


This 6.8-inch double din head unit entered the list of our best JVC car stereo reviews because of its high performance in terms of audio. With a car-play receiver and a high definition sound, this double din head unit makes it a perfect companion for long drives. The wide VGA screen has a touch panel for a better interface. Moreover, it is maestro ready with the iDataLink. Like any other double din head unit, this also makes things easier and hands-free. The Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to connect the devices to the unit and make and receive calls safely while driving. Also, for the radio, you get a tuner so that you can choose the station according to your choice. The only thing is that this one doesn’t have a navigation system and if we see that, the price is not reasonable. If there was a navigation system in this double din head unit, only then the price would have been reasonable. But still there are other factors too, that can make up for the absence of the navigation system like the audio. The quality of the audio is so good that one can pay any price for that kind of clearness in the sound quality. So, if you are looking for a basic double din head unit for regular driving purposes, then this is the one for you. We would only recommend this one because of its high sound quality.

Good quality soundThe cost could be an issue
Very easy to use
Highly durable and functional

9. Alpine CDE-151

The best alpine car stereo reviews include this alpine CDE-HD149BT din head unit. Firstly, let’s talk about its size. The size of this unit is compact and has a sleek design. Also, it has anti-theft tech so now you can detach it when not in use for theft protection. The faceplate security is also a remote control, making it more digital and less complex. The RMS of this single din head unit is 18 watts, which is pretty good. The peak output power of it is 50 watts. The preamp voltage of it is 4 volts. The display it has is an LCD display. It has Bluetooth connectivity for connecting your cellular devices with the unit so that you can enjoy hands-free calling and controlling the audio.

For iOS users, there is a feature for iPhone connectivity. So, you can connect your iPhones, iPods or iPads with the help of a USB cable. This USB to iPod cable is pretty effective and connects the iPhone in a fraction of seconds. Other than that, there is the RDS, in short, a radio feature. You also get a CD playback option. Also, there is a one-year warranty that comes with it. Overall, this is a sturdy unit. In terms of the cost, its price is reasonable for the features and the quality of material you are getting.

Beautiful designNo cons at this price
Good connectivity

10. Alpine CDE-SXM145BT

This high power advanced double din head unit is one of the best budget-friendly head units. This stereo system can help in saving a hell lot of money and you will still be able to enjoy amazing features that this unit has to offer.

This one might not have a touchscreen display or a navigation tool, but still, it functions really great when it comes to playing music and showing tremendously high connectivity. The power of this head unit is 50W which is enormous and generally costs a lot. But this one has managed to provide such a great power at such a low price. Moreover, there is the Bluetooth connectivity which makes it even better. It might have a vintage look, but the technology used in it is very advanced and won’t let you down when the right time comes. You can connect your devices that have Bluetooth in them and connect them to this unit in seconds. The advanced Bluetooth feature will let you play songs with your phone or enjoy hands-free calling. It also has a feature for iOS connectivity. You can connect your iPhone or iPod with the help of a USB cable to this device and enjoy your favorite music anytime. Overall, this is a pretty good deal because, for this price, you are getting a high-power unit. We would totally recommend this to anyone looking for a pocket-friendly double din head unit.

CheapNo cons
High-power and performance
Bluetooth connectivity and iOS connectivity

11. Power acoustic PD-710B

This din head unit with LCD touch is something that one should consider buying as it is preloaded with so many amazing features that it made it to our list of best power car stereo reviews. It has a 7-inch touchscreen display with all the features displayed on it. This is a source of multimedia as it has everything that one needs for entertainment inside a car.

It has an in-dash CD, DVD, AVI, Mp3 receiver for playing music either audio or video. The audio is very loud and clear with powerful bass. Moreover, the touchscreen has colorful selections for choosing between mp3, Tv, radio, etc. You can connect your smartphone with this one in an instant. It gives A2DP option for connectivity which is fully wireless. Then there is Bluetooth for fast connectivity and control over playing music on the unit through the phone. The peak power output of this one is 52 watts and the RMS of 17 watts.

The LCD touchscreen is detachable, making it theft proof. And the cost is undeniably amazing. Nobody in their right mind would say no to this as the price is so low and the features are exceptionally amazing. So, if you are looking for a cheaper option then this is good for you as it has no fewer features other than the navigation, but still, it fulfills every basic need of a driver and keeps him/her entertained.

CheapNo cons at this price

12. Power acoustic PD-651B

With an LCD touchscreen of 6.5 inches and a powerful sound, this is by far one of the cheapest double din head units that you can buy. There are a lot of cheap ones below 100 bucks, but they are not as good as this one.

The screen of this head unit is wide enough (around 480×243). Moreover, there is the LED brightness of 400 nits. It also has the Bluetooth connectivity so you can connect your device to it with the help of Bluetooth. This will allow you to manage the music with your phone without having to touch the unit. If you want to play music, then you can also insert a CD or a DVD as they are also compatible with it including the AVI and mp3. It can hold an SD card of 32 GB. And if you want to connect with the aux then you can also do that. This is a very powerful device and can become an amazing driving companion. If we take a look at the cost then we can say that it is cheaper than most and works perfectly fine. So, if you are low on budget, then you don’t want to miss this deal.

CheapNo cons at this price
Easy to use
Amazing connectivity

13. Boss Audio BV9384NV

We are also giving you the best boss car stereo reviews because the double din unit from them is something that one should consider. The boss audio BV9384NV is a unit with a touchscreen display. Also, it includes the navigation. So now you can navigate your way through the pre-installed 50 states map coverage. The map views it provides is 2D as well as a 3D view. Also, you have text to speech recognition feature in this one.

Another great feature that most of the double din head units have is the Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect and make handsfree calls and you can control the audio streaming. You can control Spotify, Pandora or any other music app with this feature. The audio quality it provides is insane.

Other features include the “steering wheel control input”. The power of this one is 80W which is tremendously loud and clear. It also has a setting for changing bass, treble, fader etc. with the help of an RDS tuner.

For connectivity, you also get a feature for AUX, USB, SD, etc. It is easily compatible with the mp3 players and smartphones. On top of that, you get a 3-year warranty on your online purchase. But at the end, it all comes down to whether your pocket allows for it or not. You don’t have to worry about the price as this one right here is actually very cheap as compared to many that have these same features.

Navigation systemNo cons at this price
Highly Affordable
Hands-free audio control

14. BOSS Audio BV9986BI

One of the best sellers from the boss is this single din head unit. It has everything that a person needs. It is stylish, feature loaded, user-friendly, easy to use and most importantly it is cheap.

Firstly, let’s talk about its display. It has a touchscreen display with illuminating colors used. The LCD monitor makes everything look pretty big and clear. Also, everything is very easy to understand and there is nothing very complex that one might be able to understand. Then there is this Bluetooth connectivity which makes everything hands-free. So now you can make calls or control the audio streaming to your phone on the unit. It is compatible with the regular smartphones and the mp3 players. Also, there is the radio which you can tune into while driving with the help of the tuner. This one also has steering wheel control input.

There is another exciting feature. The front panel of this stereo is detachable which can be said as the anti-theft feature. Then there is the wireless remote that controls almost everything on the unit.

This high-power din head unit is pretty loud and gives an amazing output at such a low price. Yes, this is one of the most affordable din head units one can find.

CheapNo cons
Easy to use

15. Pyle pldn63BT

This double din head unit has an amazing display and provides the best experience ever. Firstly, let’s talk about the receiver. The Bluetooth connectivity of this one allows you to do things at once, which is connected with phone and stream music and the other one is receiving calls hands-free making it very convenient to use. Also, the Bluetooth pairs with your smartphone in seconds, saving a lot of your time and effort. It also has a rear-view camera giving you the view of the back of the car. The camera is fully colored making things clearer. This one has some extra features which make it an incredible choice for many.

Also, there is the cost. The cost of this one is really low so you don’t have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket.

CheapNo cons
Great connectivity

16. Pyle PLTS78DUB

The best pyle car stereo reviews let you know about the double din head units from the pyle. The Pyle pldn74bti is a really good head unit for those looking for video outputs like parking videos or rear camera output. The 7-inch screen makes everything clearer and much brighter. It also has a motorized front panel that slides down. Apart from that, there is the radio which you can tune into while driving or you can enjoy your own choice of music with the help of the built-in Bluetooth feature which lets you connect your cellular device to the unit. With a Bluetooth feature, you can connect to your favorite music with just a touch of a button. There are also the wireless remote-controls. You can easily customize the audio and the video on this one. Or you can connect your iPhone or iPod with the help of the USB connectivity if your Bluetooth feature isn’t compatible. Moreover, this is another pocket-friendly double din head unit that you can go for to save money and get something loaded with amazing features.

CheapNo cons
Large display

17. Sony mex-n5300bt

This one is a part of our best Sony car stereo review because this is a user-friendly, affordable, durable and a feature loaded unit. The best part is that it has that classic look and an amazingly high power. It is a compact yet very useful unit. The built-in Bluetooth feature allows us to connect our devices that support Bluetooth. The audio streaming with Bluetooth is very simple and very secure. The pairing of devices is also very simple and convenient. You can connect your Bluetooth devices with this head unit with just a touch of a button. The stereo works on the NFC technology. Since this is a base model so it does not have a receiver or SiriusXM tuner, but apart from that it is still very sturdy and functional.  There is another feature that comes with it and that is the app remote for some selective smartphones with the voice control. It has some more features like USB connectivity for iPhones and iPads. Other than that, there is a SiriusXM radio satellite connector for on the go radio.

This one also can pair up with two devices at once. You can access the phonebook, make hands free phone calls. There is also an “integrated noise canceling circuit”, this ensures crystal clear conversations. For audio control, you get a quick-browzer. This quick-browzer will let you find the music and you can also jump to another music or fast-forward it with a touch of a button. Overall, this is a good deal and the best part is that it is a money saver. So, don’t think twice if you are looking for something like this then you should definitely buy it.

Bluetooth ConnectivityNo cons
Wireless controls

18. Sony WX900BT

With a 6.2” display with the interface of intuitive graphics, this can become your best driving companion. It has NFC connectivity and Bluetooth connectivity for a hands-free experience. Like any other head unit, this also has a lot of great features that come in handy. Let’s just take the example of the Songpal app it comes with. Songpal app provides intuitive control over the music being played. This is a built-in app with gives remote control experience.

Apart from that, you get FM/AM tuner in this unit. This is one of the best Sony car stereo reviews that will convince you of buying the Sony XAVW650BT. Sony has done everything to make it easy for the consumer to use the product. The head unit is user-friendly and there is no complex feature in it. Its stereo has mega bass for better music listening and that mega bass’s work is to add the low-end power.

Not only that, you get Siri control for compatible devices. So, if you have an IOS device, then you can enjoy a hands-free experience. You can also configure the remote controls for the steering wheel. You get a video output, AV input (Rear) and also camera input (Rear). This is a great deal as you are getting multi-format playback and advanced sound engine. Generally, the features it is offering makes the whole unit expensive, but this is not the case with this unit. This unit is actually quite affordable and more efficient than many available in the market.

Integrated Bluetooth techNo cons at this price
Better connectivity


At the end, it is your call to make. There are a lot of double din head units available in the market. Some of them are good and some of them are bad and if you have no experience of buying a head unit, then it can get a bit confusing for you. So, we would be glad if you choose something from the reviews mentioned above as these are one of the best and most affordable ones that one can find. And if you still want to reconsider then go through our guide again and try to find the one that is best for you.

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