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For some individuals, the main part of any car sound system arrangement is the bass. Others lean toward incredible scale, and some may go for volume over whatever else. Whatever your subwoofer needs, we’ve ordered top-notch of the 5 best powered subwoofers for cars.

We’ve filtered through the most well-known car subwoofer buys to locate the best ones accessible on the current market. Underneath, we’ve cracked that outsider like determinations into something that bodes well. Despite how much air tapping, trunk pounding, or sonic bass blast you excessively, we have you covered.

Subwoofers help to create lower recurrence sounds hence they help lift this weight off the more modest speakers in your car. The little speakers, otherwise called tweeters, will at that point principally center on creating sounds with higher recurrence. This is the thing that they were initially intended to deliver. On the off chance that you power the high and mid-range little speakers in your car to create low-recurrence sounds, it will cause twisting. Mutilation of sound happens when a speaker’s cone is seriously vibrated past its sound limit.

Best Powered Subwoofer for Cars
Best Powered Subwoofer for Cars

The Best Powered Subwoofer for Car Below

Alpine SWR-12D2 Type-Rz

This particular pick from Alpine is definitely an exposed bass speaker or subwoofer; you will have to source or assemble a fenced-in area for it. It quotes 12 creeps in breadth and, given the pure package, will truly tremble your ride. Browsing for greater subs? Look at these 18″ subwoofers.
Typically the cone is made out of a mash which was dealt with Kevlar for extra firmness and strength. The encompass is shaped with appropriated Santoprene. It rests in a reformist cone bug forged aluminum outline install. The double 2-ohm voice curls are larger than typical, high temperature, and inside and out amazing quality.
This car subwoofer has an incredible low-recurrence effect of somewhere in the range of 24 and 200 kHz so that it is perfect for delivering walloping extraordinary bass throbs. On the off chance that you love bass, this could be the best car subwoofer for you. Its capacity working with is from 300 to 1000 watts RMS energy – 500 for each loop. Its peak power goes upward to 3000 w. It’s delicate to 84. 7 sound levels.

Its mount profundity is 6-3/8 inches and the cut-out width 10-7/8 inches.
Most clients have decided on reflex system plan fenced-in areas over strong fixed nook items to match with this car sound subwoofer however both report fulfillment.


  • 1000 watts RMS power.
  • Solid and tough system plan.
  • Beastly bass.
  • Dual voice curl and 2 ohm.
  • 3000 watts top force.

Key Thing

As our Editor’s decision, this subwoofer is an extraordinary pick, ideal for genuine bass-heads. The duel voice could and 2 ohms are extraordinary highlights. We recommend a reflex case for sound quality as its pretty bad-to-the-bone.


This specific posting is for a total bundle that consists of an MTX stacked car bass speaker or subwoofer audio system.
The manufacturing has made this a fairly easy introduction and dealt with the math and skill to locate the untainted walled in area for hotels the Terminator subwoofers so they can move with significantly less force ingesting.
They handle five-hundred watts RMS power, adding up to 1000 RMS energy at 2000-watt surfaces. They have polypropylene dirt covers for additional toughness and staggeringly lightweight. They in addition fuse a physical cooling processor (Spider Plateau Venting) which invigorates the air consumption across the snuggle to replace temperature development.


  • 2000 watts peak.
  • Cooling incorporated.
  • Dual 12”

Key Thing

The cooling system is this subwoofer is incredible, as it implies it won’t actually overheat. In case you’re stressed over your subwoofer getting too hot, this is the best powered subwoofer for cars for you.

JBL CT-Bass Pro12

Typically the JBL CT-Bass Pro12 is as of now housed in a custom-made friend nook, which has been improved for effectiveness to give the clearest bass sounds. This particular subwoofer incorporates a reflex style walled in area with a protected Slipstream port for constraining disturbance and preventing bargained high quality.
This 12-inch subwoofer includes a polypropylene cone with an elastic encompass that provides reverberation hosing. Typically the larger than average double stacked magnets increment attractive changeover. The cone’s actions are constrained by the accredited GRAND TOURING Bass Progressive Index, empowering high trip tuning in.
Bass speaker or subwoofer curls are liable to warm accumulating when utilized at high volumes for substantial stretches. JBL has attempted to battle this with a vented base piece, which increases the force taking care of at low force pressure.

This subwoofer possesses an implicit speaker working 150 Watts RMS/450peak and controllers for changing the striper in like manner. This will make an extraordinary sound.


  • Built-in cooling solution
  • Own amplifier
  • 450 watts RMS peak
  • Polypropylene cone – rubber surround

Key Thing

With an elastic encompass polypropylene cone and every one of those watts, this is a standout amongst other car subwoofers. This elastic encompass subwoofer gives contortion free bass at a high yield. The lodging has been systematically improved – your car sound will sound unimaginable.

MTX Audio 5512-44 5500

An additional 12″ Bass speaker from MTX noise here. This time, this is the car sound subwoofer itself well prepared for custom establishment. It’s a double 4-ohms woofer and illustrates MTX’s Spider stage venting to keep the driver cool and eventually turmoil free at loud levels. The venting assists keep with warming air away from the voice loop.
This specific subwoofer harbors a reversed peak include which is smaller than their run of the mill move encompass, permitting a far more prominent surface zone for the center. This empowers the subwoofer to uproot undeniably more air. Their coordinated t-burden heat-sink is inside the engine framework. This subwoofer assimilates heat from the voice loop and emanates it out there from the back-plate, making for an efficient warm administration method. This car bass speaker or subwoofer likewise has simple to associate pressure terminals for improved establishment.


  • Dual 4 Ohm
  • Thermal management and spider plateau venting
  • 400W RMS power

Key Thing

The key system plan angles (counting the voice curls, and 4 ohms) guarantee it conveys remarkable bass recurrence reactions, with both high and low frequencies.

Kicker 8-Inch 300W

The kicker is doing an amazing job to capably create some magnificent speakers, made with great quality parts that give a moderate alternative to the majority.

This subwoofer makes an extraordinary expansion or substitution subwoofer. The 8-inch configuration implies it’s adequately adaptable for fixed nook subs or vented walled in areas. As far as watts, this subwoofer arrives at 300 watts RMS and a pinnacle watt intensity of 600.

This subwoofer has an incredible plan, with a 4-ohm double voice loop and a magnet structure. This makes power in dealing with and controls easy. This subwoofer is incredible to give you the sound you need in long car ventures.


  • 600 watts peak
  • Highly responsive
  • Super durable
  • 300 watts RMS
  • Dual voice coil

Key Thing

Matched with great fixed nook set-ups, this is an incredible subwoofer for the cash.

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