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Installing a car amplifier and a hoofer can give you great gratification especially if you are able to handle the task by yourself. The greatest perk of having these in your car is that you can enjoy the bass that may have been missing in your music while on the road. So as to get the best sound, you need to get the installation done correctly.

Things you need

So as to do it right, there are things that you should get ready so as to set up the best amplifier for car. Some of the things that you will need include:

  • Electrical connections which include a battery connection, a connection with the metal body of the car, an audio signal, as well as wiring required to connect the amp to the subwoofer.
  • A subwoofer is also needed. This is a speaker which is clearly designed to produce a heavy bass. This should also have an enclosure to hold it. Most vehicles have a +12V connection and therefore it is very easy to find and use it. However, some of the modern cars do not have this since they use computerized signals.
  • Time for planning is also required if you are to do the installation successfully. The best amplifier for car subwoofer takes considerable time to install properly. The installation depends on the kind of vehicle that you have. If the subwoofer is being added to a system that was factory set, then more work is expected. Take time to work during the day so as not to rush and do substandard work. When you are stressed, you are more likely to make errors and you may have to repeat all over again. Make sure you have the right tools when installing the best amplifier for car audio.
  • There are parts that need to be gathered so as to start the installation. The first one is an amplifier wiring kit ready with a remote wire, fuse holder, and all the necessary accessories. Other things include hand tools, cordless drill, mounting braces, electrical tape, speaker wire, straight wire, self-tapping screws, and wire ties.
  • Selecting the amp is another important step. Most modern apps possess the necessities that are basically needed so as to work with subwoofers so as to achieve best car amplifier for bass. Take a critical look at the features and then select wisely. You can go through reviews when you are making your selection. Check the speaker levels as well. It need not be overpriced. There are affordable brands available in the market today which work just as well.

The installation

The installation of the best amplifier for car audio takes several steps. When followed well, you will be able to come up with the best system for your car.

The positive wire cable needs to be routed to the battery and then hidden under the carpet as well as the interior trim found on the side where the battery is located. For this to be possible, you will have to pull the interior plastic trim such as rocker panel covers that can be snapped on and off. It is important to do this very carefully using the screwdriver in between the gaps. You can then pull the carpet back so as to be able to hide the amp wire. The carpet edge is often easier to deal with since it helps you pull back easily.

Joining the wire to the battery and engine

This is often the toughest part of installing the best class amplifier for car audio. The tricky part is getting your wire to your battery. However, in most cases you will find a plug, a hole, a gap, or even a rubber wiring where you can create a hole using a screwdriver. Make sure you check below the dashboard so as to find any filler plug that you can push out. This helps you find a hole that is free for use. You can use the long wire that can act as a snake used to pull the wire through. This can be done using the normal wire coat hanger. This needs to be straightened out. Make sure the end is bent and rounded so as not to snap on other obstacles as you pull.

When dealing with a factory wiring harness seal, you will have to push all the way through so that you can grab the wire and pull it through the compartment.

The other steps include:

  • Connecting the positive wire to the fuse holder
  • Connect the ground wire the metal near the area where you intend to place the amplifier and woofer.
  • Connect the remote to the stereo and the signal source
  • Mounting the amplifier
  • Power on so as to detect any problems that may be in the system
  • Installation of the power fuse

There are many things that have to be learnt before you can successfully install the best amplifier for car audio but the results are worth the effort. There are many changes that you can make to the system so as to enhance the music experiences even more.