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Car speakers are indispensable in most of the cars today, not just because they help you to listen to music when inside the car but also because they can be connected to the smart-phones for the purpose of communicating with people while on the go. There are the alpine touch screen car stereo, alpine double din head unit, and much more to suit your requirements.

Accidents are often recorded in cases where the drivers use mobile phones while driving and the alpine double din will help in reducing such accidents too. Read this alpine car stereo review to know which one is the best alpine double din & single din car stereo:

Alpine CDE-143BT Review:

The alpine cde-143bt is one of the best alpine car stereo designed to provide you all the more features within your budget. Though the set looks a bit outdated, it is capable of helping you communicate with people in a wireless mode and is compatible with most of the high-tech smart-phones available in the market today. You can easily plug in a media player into the front panel auxiliary input to enjoy your favorite tracks whenever you feel like. Let us have a look at the different features it boasts of:

Display: The LCD display of this stereo is great and allows you to view various details such as the name of the singer.

Wireless Connectivity and Control: You can use Bluetooth speakers with this phone which helps in hands-free calling and audio streaming. There is a tuned microphone that helps in decreasing noise interference and feedback. Taking and making calls has been made easier with this device and it is also great at ‘call waiting’ mode. This helps you to attend calls while driving without chances of an accident.

The rotary encoder knob helps in controlling the device at ease.

Sound Quality: Clarity of sound is another important feature that should be mentioned. The sound in this alpine car stereo can be tuned and various adjustments can be made such as adjusting the subwoofer level from 0 to +-15, the subwoofer phase at 180degree. You can tune within the range of 87.7-107.9 for FM and within 530-1710KHz.for AM.

Sound is customizable and you can adjust the settings to get the right balance and enjoy added flexibility.


  • It can be operated in the App Direct Mode
  • You can connect it to iPhone and iPod easily.
  • There is a tuned microphone that helps in decreasing noise interference and feedback.


  • It is a bit difficult to connect the audio after Bluetooth connects.

Final Thoughts: It is thus a versatile and one of the best alpine stereo that offers you a huge amount of customizability and is capable of producing quality sound at the same time. Listen to your favorite songs and connect with people over calls- do whatever you feel like with this stereo from Alpine.

 Alpine iLX-w650 7″ Mech-Less Receiver Review:

This alpine double din is the ideal choice for the ones who prefer an easy and intuitive speaker with advanced Bluetooth control. This best alpine stereo allows for hands-free calling with easy sound customization. You can easily establish the sound balance and make your experience more pleasurable with the added flexibility it comes with.

Display: The variable RGB illumination of the stereo will allow you to enjoy more color control with this car stereo. You will get to choose from 30 different colors and can also adjust the colors red, blue, and green to get the exact shade of your choice.

Wireless Connectivity and Control: You can operate the device in the App Direct mode to listen to songs from other devices such as iPad and iPhones. It will also allow you to enjoy steering wheel control which you can enjoy if your car has factory Bluetooth steering control. You can also control the playlist and go for quick search and alphabetical search of songs based on the playlist, album, song, genre, and album. 

Sound Quality: It has a number of provisions to let you enjoy great quality sound. Customize the crossover adjustments to control the frequencies or boost the sound by increasing the power of your head unit. You can even add a subwoofer or a mono amplifier.


  • You can connect a third-party adapter to make it compatible with factory-installed steering wheels.
  • Establishing a sound balance is easy.


  • You will get only the odd-numbered FM channels.

Final Thoughts:

Starting from wireless connectivity to flexibility in control- enjoy the best musical experience with this alpine Bluetooth car stereo. Yes, you have to stay limited within the even frequencies of FM but if you are keen on connecting devices and enjoying music then go ahead!

Alpine cde-175BT Review:

Nothing can be better than this one if you want to adjust the sound settings according to your choice. You can download the Tunelt app for easy sound tuning with this device. Vehicle-specific settings can also be made. Just like the other popular Alpine stereos this one is also equipped with some useful features and proves to be helpful for the user in various respects. Have a Look at the amazing features it has to offer:

Display: It comes with better color control and you may thus match the illuminated buttons with the color of your dashboard. 

Connectivity and Control: The Bluetooth hands-free control and audio streaming feature of the device deserve mention as it allows you to speak over the phone while driving at ease, without using any additional adapters.

You can adjust the crossover frequencies and thus control the high and low frequencies that are being sent, to enjoy the best quality sound.

Sound Quality: It is capable of playing excellent quality music in all your digital devices, thanks to the 24-bit DAC that it uses and the frequency customization as mentioned earlier.


  • It does not involve the hassles of charging and can charge your phone, thus allowing you to enjoy music without any break.
  • The frequency customization


  • There is a lot of glare on the display.

Final Thoughts:

The Alpine CDE-175BT combines various features such as frequency customization and audio streaming to provide you the sound quality that you expect from Alpine. Alpine stereos have managed to fulfill our expectations with respect to the quality of sound and this particular model, Alpine iLX-w650 7″ Mech-Less Receiver manages to live up to that expectation.

We hope the alpine double din review will help you!