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Thinking about the estimation of cars and vehicles, it’s sort of odd that we don’t screen them all the more intently, right? For instance, where’s your vehicle at the present time? In the event that you’ve purchased a vehicle for a relative like a more established kid, how would you realize they are driving it securely? Given it’s not returned a large portion of a tree installed in the motor square or all the paint scratched off one wing it very well may be difficult to tell. At that point there are those individuals how run business that keep up vehicle armadas for their staff – regardless of whether it’s only one pool vehicle, that speaks to a major lump of the business capital. In the event that you need to screen a vehicle and how it’s driving – regardless of whether it’s your own, a friends and family or a business vehicle – best budget car GPS tracker is the best approach.

Best budget car GPS Tracker 

In this guide, we’ll take you through probably the best budget car GPS tracker available and help you to locate the one that best suits your necessities without using up every last cent.

There have lots of GPS trackers we have found.

LikeSpy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable Real-Time Personal and Vehicle GPS Tracker

On the off chance that the best budget car GPS tracker is the thing that you have been searching for to screen more than your vehicle, examine STI GL300 from the place of Spy Tec. Regardless of whether you are worried for your older guardians’ prosperity, need to mind your child’s driving velocity, or guarantee that your girl is heading off to her math class, this constant GPS tracker will hold everybody under your watch. With a capacity to keep you alarmed 24 hours every day, it disposes of the should be revived on numerous occasions a day since it highlights movement enactment. Thus, it has been given a force pressed battery that can keep going for a long time or more.

Features and Specifications:

  • Overhauled and minimized, STI GL300 can be effortlessly joined to a belt, sack or knapsack
  • Can undoubtedly follow individuals, items, or vehicles without interference’s
  • Sends email or text when somebody enters or leaves a territory
  • No charges required for establishment or initiation


  • Tracks precisely with no unsettling influence
  • Extremely simple to set up
  • Keeps you alert at whatever point somebody leaves or enters


  • Helpless battery life
  • Doesn’t work in rustic zones

GPS Tracker – Optimus 2.0 Bundle with Twin Magnet Case

What makes this GPS tracking gadget from Optimus Tracker stand apart is its small size that guarantees its convey ability while its inward movement sensor keeps the battery managing as and when required. Directly from giving you alarms during speeding, development or low battery to getting you position reports at a time span seconds from start, Optimus 2.0 is upgradable to 10 seconds and arrives in a twin magnet case. Pre-introduced with Android and iPhone application, it tracks in the blink of an eye and advantages agents with its Special Routing highlight.

Features and Specifications:

  1. Arrives in a twin magnet case that keeps the tracker totally protected and secure
  • Squeezing the focal catch on the tracker sends messages and messages as cautions to the client
  • For anybody speeding, withdrawing or entering a particular region, cautions are sent
  • Signs the client when the battery charge is low.


  • Easy to utilize and set up
  • Battery life is incredible and works for extended periods of time
  1. Arrives in a waterproof case


  • Not well good with Google Maps
  • Tracks the information with less speed

MOTO safety OBD GPS Tracker Device with 3G GPS Service Locator

Presently acquire trust in letting your teenager hit the roads by introducing this GPS tracker from MOTO Safety. It’s a splendid tracking gadget that guarantees pinpoint precision in letting you seek after where and how he/she is driving. Be it speed, area, traffic, or heading, you will have the option to watch out for your adored one constantly. This likewise offers a youngster driving course with the assistance of this tracker. Initiating a 3G administration will give you a far reaching 3G vehicle tracking inclusion, keeping you refreshed each moment. Presently, survey driving courses from anyplace you wish by introducing this progressed and best concealed GPS tracker for your vehicle.

Features and Specifications:

  1. A magnificent GPS tracking gadget that lets your kid total a driving course and keeps you refreshed about his advancement
  • Updates you about the section and exit of the vehicle
  • Check in time hours can be set and sends cautions in like manner when the vehicle is out past time limit
  • Takes no time and exertion to introduce by connecting to the OBDII port


  • Can consummately screen your youngster’s driving abilities
  • Sends cautions during dangerous hours
  • Simple to utilize and set up


  • Regularly catches off base information
  • Updates at a moderate rate

AMERICALOC GL300W Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

The more minimized a GPS tracker, the better it is, and GL300W from America is only splendid in this regard. What makes it worth contributing for a vehicle proprietor is its great battery life that will make it go for a considerable length of time. A totally new form, this little continuous GPS tracker can be followed from any gadget, be it a tablet, PC, or a cell phone.

Truth be told, it can follow back a year’s history for your benefit. For any development, speeding, stopping, low battery, and so forth you will get ideal cautions. While moving, you will continue getting area refreshes at an hourly span and you can even design it from 10 as long as 60 seconds. Get this tracker introduced in your high scholar’s vehicle and appreciate a true serenity as long as he sits at the directing wheel.

Features and Specifications:

  • Little, minimal and beautiful, Americaloc GL300W can be handily conveyed in vehicles, knapsacks, boxes, pockets and so on.
  • Can be utilized for an assortment of tracking purposes that incorporate vehicles, objects, relatives, and more
  • Furnished with an inside SIM card that makes it simpler to follow gadgets in different countries
  • No actuation charges, no agreements are incorporated


  • Reduced in size
  • Supports a history of 1 year
  • Keeps you alert during terrible activities


  • Updates gradually
  • Charging power isn’t acceptable

Highlights to Consider in Good Car GPS Trackers

Before we nose-dive into the best budget GPS trackers for your car, we might want to examine a portion of the fundamental highlights to search for while picking a GPS tracker:

Real-Time Tracking

In the event that you have a GPS beacon, you presumably need to know where your vehicle is at the present time, not where it was 10 minutes back. Along these lines, having a GPS tracker that can follow the area of your car in real-time is significant. This element is fundamental on account of car burglary, or on the off chance that you have to know the specific area of your vehicle is at some random time for some other explanation. Likewise, a few GPS trackers accompany the capacity to find the car on Google Maps, which gives considerably more exactness and accommodation!

Battery Life

At the point when you purchase a GPS tracker, you have two alternatives: a battery-worked tracker or a tracker that connects to the car. One reason you should go with a battery-worked model is on the grounds that you can all the more effectively conceal it in or on a vehicle. As a rule, the battery of GPS trackers for the most part keeps going 1 to about fourteen days before they should be energized, yet remember that a GPS signal depletes the battery of a tracker before long. To dispose of this charging issue, you could just choose to go with a module GPS, as the tracker will get steady force from the car. One of the upsides of this sort of GPS tracker is that they for the most part have a superior sign and more highlights.